Moving you to the cloud, allowing you to focus on your core business activities

vOffice is an always-on service-based solution that provides businesses with a range of Enterprise level IT facilities at a small to medium business price and allows businesses to completely focus on their core activities, without the distraction of running IT.

  • Embracing N+1 Enterprise level Architecture and  Security, Enterprise Applications,  Support and Disaster Recovery,  vOffice offers an elastic model of Enterprise IT at a Small to Medium Business price.
  • Anytime, anywhere access. Flexibility is one of the core strengths of vOffice. As there is secure internet access to the system from almost any browser-enabled device, users can work from anywhere at any time. This provides our customers with a wealth of options for home-working, ‘hot desking’ and other flexible workforce working environments, all proven to increase productivity and ultimately the efficiency of the business.
  • Built-in Business Continuity -  vOffice stores all equipment and business date offsite in purpose-built N+1 facilities. Disasters at office premises such as fires, floods, or power loss no longer impact the business with the same levels of severity. If staff are unable too physically get to the office, they can still continue from alternate locations as business data and applications continue to be fully accessible. This has proved invaluable to vOffice customers after the Christchurch and Wellington earthquakes. 


  • Fixed Pricing - vOffice allows all businesses to operate without the usual spikes in capital expenditure. Using a linear cost model you are able to easily add or remove users as your business needs change.
  • System Updates - Most companies ‘refresh’ their IT systems once every three to five years and as a result are typically using outdated solutions and face substantial hardware and software capital costs. vOffice allows an ‘upgrade once, then ‘deploy to all’ design.
  • Software License  Compliance - Illegally run software can cost organisations, even small ones, substantial sums in fines and litigation. vOffice can include all Microsoft licensing as part of its monthly subscriptions, and in addition to the vendor, management option can also manage to license for any bespoke applications.



  • Operate Enterprise level software without the need to invest in Server hardware
  • All data resides in New Zealand
  • Staff numbers are flexible - can grow and shrink as your staff levels change
  • Software compliance
  • Predictable running costs
  • Built-in Business Continuity
  • Access from Anywhere at Anytime
  • No requirement for capital expenditure
  • All data secure and encrypted
  • All backups fully managed by vOffice

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