Professional Services

We specialise in big picture planning and strategy, and are experts in the design, implementation and on-going management of information technology systems.

No two businesses are the same and that’s why we develop a unique strategy and personalised relationship for all of our customers. We can help find the right solution for your business to ensure you have a reliable IT network and support system that meets your needs and your budget. We will recommend everything you need to be sure you have efficient disaster recovery and business continuity plans.


With more than 30 years of experience in IT support, we are no strangers to effortless Project Management. We’re with you from project kick off, creating a plan, setting expectations and managing the process to our agreed deadlines and budget. You’ll have one point of contact in the LANtech team liaising with you, along with all sub contractors and providers. Our sole aim is for hassle free, smooth implementation with clear communication all the way. 


LANtech Professional Services provides you with high level consulting on project management, architecture design and implementation.

Our highly experienced engineers and technicians will design a customised IT solution for your business. We start with an independent audit of your network, noting weaknesses and opportunities, and then create the architecture to support your business and take you into the future. 


An effective, reliable and secure Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) is essential to any business. We are experts in LAN and WAN design, installation and maintenance. Talk to us about the scale of your business and branch network to ensure your area networks are designed in the ideal way to support your operation.



If you need help navigating the world of Cloud computing, the LANtech team is here to help. We can assist you to devise the best Cloud technology plan for your business whether it’s efficiency, security, flexibility or backup advantages you’re after.

Some of the Cloud solutions we can help you with include a Cloud Readiness Audit, which examines your existing infrastructure and identifies what steps need to be taken for a successful migration to the Cloud. LANtech also provide a wide range of Cloud products and services to suit any size of business, whether it be hosted mail, virtual desktops or published applications, there will be a solution that fits your needs.


Microsoft Office is one of the most trusted business communication services. And with Office 365, you get the benefits of a Cloud based service. We have helped many of our clients make a successful transition to Office 365 and we can help you with all areas of your migration process.


Connect your team and customer network via the Cloud with Skype for Business. Perfect for small to medium sized companies, it’s a communications solution that offers voice calls, instant messaging, video calls and online meetings. LANtech will guide you through the set up and ongoing use.


The decision to change IT service providers, hardware or software solutions is always a big one. Especially with the headache of moving teams and offices onto to the new systems. LANtech is skilled in migration and will assist you the entire way – through strategy and planning, implementation, training and maintenance. We do it with ease and limited downtime for your business.

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