Registered Master Builders

* Readings Cinema Carpark under demolition

My first day in the job

For David Catling of the Registered Master Builders Association (RMBA) his first day on the job couldn’t have started off worse. A week after the Kaikoura earthquake the adjacent Reading Cinema Carpark was condemned and their building evacuated. It would be 3 months before they could return. Locked inside the now empty building was a set of servers that supported 6 branch offices and the thousands of members who use the RMBA websites.

With no access to his servers and an inadequate off-site backup David was in a dire predicament. 

Fortunately for David his previous employer used LANtech as their ICT provider. Having always had a great relationship with the team David got on the phone and asked for help. After careful consideration and clarification of the situation, LANtech swung into action.

The problem for LANtech was how to collect the data from the live servers with no access to the building and no offsite backup. David Catling: “LANtech also could not afford to restart the servers in case they didn’t come back up. They needed to collect this data without affecting the eleven websites that the RMBA support.

LANtech remoted into the servers and installed specialist backup software (AppAssure) and begin copying the data into LANtech’s private cloud infrastructure vOffice.

The team worked around the clock for several days as the fear of aftershocks and equipment failure meant that there wasn’t a moment to spare. Eventually, the old servers were switched off and the domains switched over to LANtech without any RMBA customers detecting a change.

Now the data is safe. LANtech’s vOffice has many levels of redundancy which allows elements to fail without any loss of data. The data is replicated to a Palmerston North data centre every hour and also has 3 additional off-site backups. 

David Catling: “I was hugely relieved when LANtech told me that they had the data and had rebuilt all of the servers. The effort they put in to get us up and running was phenomenal. The way LANtech has set up the environment now means we never have to fear another earthquake.  I’m still afraid of earthquakes! But no longer afraid of their impact on our IT infrastructure and our resiliency to such events…”

So, do you have a disaster recovery plan? A disaster recovery plan has to by its very nature, be tailored to suit individual organisations. If you don’t have a disaster recovery plan or want an independent audit on your current plan feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to discuss what you need.  It’s better to be prepared than caught out.

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