PAE (NZ) Ltd

An urgent relocation of key servers, completed on time, on budget

LANtech has a long-standing business partnership with PAE, and when they wished to move their server infrastructure to be hosted in Palmerston North in a very tight timeframe the challenge was accepted.  Utilising our experience in this area we were able to design, plan, supply and implement the solution within the timeframe and with no impact on the end users. This is what our client said:

“We recently went to LANtech with an urgent requirement to relocate all our servers and services to a data centre in Palmerston North. LANtech put a plan together quickly to protect our data and services, commission new hosting services and network services, and undertake the move. The actual delivery of the change was fantastic. All our systems were moved seamlessly over 

the space of a weekend, including the packing-up of our servers, shipping from Wellington and re-installation at Palmerston North. The move was so efficient and effective that there were zero (0) phone calls from our users to the helpdesk on Monday morning. As far as our users were concerned, nothing had changed. Who could ask for a better result than that?”

Bruce Thomas CIO

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