Surf Life Saving NZ & Greenwood Roche

LANtech Smart IT –saving the planet by repurposing IT where we can.

When one customer has IT equipment which has become surplus due to upgrades or system changes, it is not always necessary to just send it off for recycling. With one eye to minimising waste and the other to supporting its clients, LANtech recently found a new home for some IT equipment that still had productive life.

Greenwood Roche Project Lawyers, having moved all of their IT systems into a datacentre, ended up with a SAN storage appliance that was still fully operational but was surplus to their business needs. Thinking outside the square LANtech realised we had another client, Surf Life Saving New Zealand, needing a storage increase on their SAN. All the planets were aligned as Surf Life Saving New Zealand happened to have the same model SAN as Greenwood Roche, and had spare drive slots available in their SAN chassis.

So, in a couple of phone calls and emails, Greenwood Roche happily donated their surplus SAN to Surf Life Saving New Zealand and, with a couple of hours work by LANtech engineers, Surf Life Saving New Zealand now has its needed storage upgrade operational. We estimate that this all saved Surf Life Saving New Zealand around $10,000.

A very humble thanks from Surf Live Saving New Zealand for the timely donation by Greenwood Roche, and to LANtech for thinking outside the square and making this all possible.

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