About Us

Technology is nothing without people

Technology is nothing without people

To us a smart and efficient IT system is built on communication and relationships. We’re known for the dedicated and personal approach we take with our customers. Our support staff are approachable and explain issues in a straightforward way without the technical jargon. We make a point of following up with a phone call rather than an email and strive to go the extra mile to ensure your IT is healthy and your team is happy.

It’s when you don’t see us that we’re working our hardest

A huge part of the support we offer our customers is our proactive monitoring and maintenance. We are highly skilled and experienced in this area. Our technicians can identify and repair many problems before they even occur. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your systems are secure and running smoothly.

Older than the Internet

LANtech is one of New Zealand’s original IT support providers. Established in 1986 to build PC systems, we soon expanded to provide and support network systems and solutions. Our specialist services and team grew throughout the last 3 decades until today. We now have a company of passionate and expert professionals totaling 50+ people. Key milestones for us include establishing vOffice Hosted Services in 2006, changing to a Managed Services modelin 2007 and introducing Hardware as a Service (HaaS) in 2013 and expanding our Professional Services Team in 2016. We’re constantly learning and evolving so watch this space!

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